Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Miami-Dade GOP Delegation are wasting valuable opportunity to reinvent the Florida Public School system

I am not for tax increases in public education. I am for efficiencies in government. So long as the voters are likely to approve school bonds for primary, secondary and in this case, higher education, school administrators by nature have no motivation over long periods of time, to be frugal with the people's money. As a college drop out myself, I would like to see higher graduation rates Miami-Dade College, I support Mr. Padrón simply for calling out these legislators as amateurs and followers with zero vision, it is what they are. While Hon. Trujillo, Bileca and Artiles carry the low tax pledge in their shirt pocket, they have cow towed to misguided educational reformers advocating petition based parent trigger bill in the House that failed twice in the Florida Senate 20-20. Meanwhile Florida is the only state with a ballot based Parent Trigger Law on the books that needs to be amended.

Since I was the first PTA President to apply this law in 2013, I can attest to how Un-American the voting guidelines are within its text and how these legislators sit on their hands. I personally suggested to Governor Scott as well a Bileca Trujillo and to Aritiles through my counsel the urgency for it to be amended. After all, it took almost a decade for two parents to apply it suffer intimidation of your children in school and lose the election. But when it is amended with the support of Mr. Padrón and Ms. Cancio perhaps the 2004 Teacher Empowerment Law 1002.33 3(b) will be the it is the single most important legislation in public education in America while increasing the graduation rates at Community College nationwide! Amending it will make it the "Parent" Empowerment Law as it is so named. Here is why: As it stands today it gives Teachers veto power over Parents vote by quorum criteria. We parents are the only stakeholders that pay the school board taxes and approve the bonds. Simply amending 'and' to 'or" is game changer in public education as all other states can mimic Florida's law. How would these legislators like to be elected this way?

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