Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Parents Take Back Act is Change We Can Relieve in.

I am always amazed at the lack if urgency to raise the bar on public education. The senate is lead by RINO Republican who unfortunately learned his politically correct ways as a superintendent who raised sales taxes in his county to rebuild his schools. School is about creativity and teachers who can compete with one another to perfect their craft always serve their students better. It has very little to do with testing. It has a lot more to do with reading skills. These skills students are not receiving in mass. Only the brightest students in stable home environment get a good education. Therefore any creative way for the private sector to contribute directly to a low income family to get a head start should NOT be deterred in anyway; especially from conservatives. As a republican in Florida must I remind you their was time in the recent past, we did not have a majority since the Reconstruction? Stop cow towing to liberals who have failed America with their liberal arts agenda and teacher’s unions. Work quickly and assertively on principles alone. Reinvent public school not reform it with common core standards that will prove to be ineffective top down approach Washington DC mandates to states. Your window may close when those  20-20 ties in the Florida senate in last two session will be apparently shameful. The only bill worth sponsoring are our proposed Amendments to the un-American 2004 Teachers Empowerment Law into The Parent empowerment law it was intended to be. óó

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