Monday, June 9, 2014

Why Federal mandated Public Education standards is failing America

Federal Government top down mandates always fail

This well thought out article by John Hood in 1993 on "Why Johnny cannot read at grade level"is a step by step chronology of Federal Governments failure to procure improved education results instead of concentrating on maintaining school infrastructure nationwide. This "Top Down " coercive approach to federal funding grants to states if they  meet certain curriculum criteria and reach testing milestones will fail once again. The centralized [planning] from Washington D.C. in combination with legacy interest of each passing President in the White House stifles intellectual momentum of students as they grow. The loss of focus of greater intellect of the populous is evident in America today. Couple that dynamic with the inconstancy to the grass roots demands of collective bargaining politics of teachers unions,  it is assured that all creativity in education will be lost. As diplomas to under performing students are handed out to mitigate overcrowding nationwide the outlook for America is low skilled unemployed workforce. It is not a surprise its origins lie within history and legacy of the Jimmy Carter Presidency. 

Our Conclusion: The entire education paradigm established by experimental psychologists recruited by the Rockefeller Foundation at the turn of the century eliminated the traditional puritan and quaker educational disciplines of preparation and repetition for a cause and effect change is social stimuli and response approach to to teaching. John D. Rockefeller had one thing in mind with his philanthropy ; a society of assembly line workers not innovators free thinkers  and well read masses. In this regard Rockefeller was a success. 100 years later American cannot concentrate to read more than a magazine. Meanwhile the same select few at the dawn of the Progressive era (less 1% of population) now read twice as many books while the majority read billboards and watch TV for insight. 

The days of reforming public education inspired by German eugenics laboratory at the University of Chicago and National Teachers College are long over.

It time to reinvent the Public School System not reform it. Start with Secretary of Education as Presidential Cabinet position and the Department's authority  to impose  Federal Mandates and testing requirements. This authority is given to the states in the 10th Constitutional amendment.  

Then support the Governing School Act in Florida being proposed to Governor Rick Scott as a amendment to 2004 Parent Empowerment Law. When enacted it can be enacted in the rest of 49  states that do not have a ballot based Parent Trigger Law. It simply requires changing a three letter word 'AND" to a two letter word "OR" in 2004 law. 

 I am just a forthright parent and the first to apply this un-American law in Florida.

I hereby Expect Success รณ