Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The answer to Overcrowding in public school is redevelopment of old schools by non profit Governing Boards.

If you really want to enforce Florida’s Class Size amendment passed by the voters then Parents will have to take back district run schools via a school ballot using an amended 2004 Parent Empowerment Law. Otherwise, you are the mercy of the Principal and Teachers. Another parent and I were the first parents in Florida to apply the law in Key Biscayne’s K8 Center in March. We were not in it to win it but to change it and created the legal precedent in the process. Manatee County Rowlett Elementary an A Magnet School, was the second the call the vote and succeeded with a visionary Principal and Vice Principal in June with a landslide victory!

Our “A” KB K8 Center is 137% of capacity with portion of it 52 years old, dilapidated, overcrowded and below FEMA flood criteria on a barrier island. If you really want to reinvent public schools and lead the United States in this parent movement join us in our quest to amend the 2004 Parent Empowerment Law.

Once a Governing School is in place, your community will invigorated by the new direction in your school future . The power of potential takes over instead of the powerless malaise of complaints about School Board// Teacher's Union culture on campus. Most of the big employers in your area will look to contribute to their area school with governing boards were thier employees live. It is natural affect of empowerment. From the corporation standpoint it gives them opportunity, a tracking mechanism to follow a students success in school from pre-school to high school. What seems like a simple contribution to area school may parlay into potential executive or over achieving employee for the Corporation. Surely the students will feel the same way, knowing the strong possibility of having a job when they graduate.

Come joins us Parents Take Back schools in Florida. We are the leaders the Sunshine state was the first to have a ballot based parent Empowerment law. Let's perfect it..Our suggested language is posted in previous posts.