Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MDPS Superintendent Carvalho gets into the privatization of the public school business

Do not be surprised my fellow parents if the United Teachers of Dade union starts recruiting charter school teachers to join their ranks. As that movement gaines popularity and  Charter school developers seek bigger rents from The Back Office we  school choice advocates will loose the opportuity to find surpluses in district schools we seek to convert. We found at $1 Million dollars in KB K8 Center budget the district claimed was $300,000 defecit. The PTA was pressured to raise $300,000 for books, paper reems, pencils, projectors and other very expensive digital teach tools as if we are living in a closed society; even after a $1.2 billion bond winfall at the ballot box.

This Joint Venture between Charter School Developers and MDPS new business model is very efficient expediant mor cost effective way develop new schools and facilitate construction financing as well reduce massive overcrowding countywide. 

BUT it opens a huge door of opportunity for unionized labor thwarts  school choice's success.  This was the case in California as Green Dot Developers welcomed unionized charter schools in Los Angeles School District. It turned out to be the Trojan horse that resulted in great  disappointment and disempowerment for Parents. 

Keep in mind only Public schools can issue High School Diplomas to increase garduation rates but who  are not prepared to survive  one semester in a Community College. This is widespread lie to get awards and recognition as reported as "charter friendly". 

To Senator Stargel and Legg and Rep. Trujillo and Bileca,

The nation awaits for your leadership to rise to the top of the heap and take on the misguided defending of failing schools statewide. Simply amending the "And " to "Or" on the only ballot based Parent Trigger law in the country completely reinvents the Public School System. 

Right now as it reads, The  Teacher Empowerment Law of 2004 1002.33 3 (B) is so Un-American in its voting guidelines. It establishes veto power and gives Teachers a quorum criteria to undermine parents and disacourage their desire to be guardians over the schoold administration budget. Surplus is the goal that can be reinvested back into the school annually. This is why it is deceivingly called a Parent Empowerment Law.  

What are you wanting for Honorables? This void in your leadership allows Superintendent Carvalho to trump us all as the visionary and trailblazer while not having expose the surplus of each district school  that will never be reinvested back into a school by Governing board of Parents as guardians. Instead the District keeps it in general budget fund forever . The present law if it stays un-amended it gives Teachers unquestionable nuclear veto power over  parents as the only stakeholders. 

This was clearly demonstrated at Rowlett Elementary in Mantee County last year one month after our defeat 83-0 to the teachers.

I have done all I can as PTA President of the KB K8 Center I showed leadership and guts to take on the Elephant in the room Why can't  you? Whose water are you carrying? 

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