Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rowlett Elementary Expands to a Middle School Academy as Florida's First Direct Ballot Converted Charter School

Rowlett Charter Elementary Expands to Middle School

Florida's First Direct Ballot Conversion to Charter School has succeeded as we parents proponents at KB K8 Center predicted. When we set the legal precedent in Florida in our defeat at the hands MDPS intimidation throughout the ballot process we knew the this was the answer. Rowlett was able to purchase an additional school facility from the Manatee County School District to expand its art & communications educational programs as a middle school. Imagine how many more public schools can be converted to Parent Guardianships in Florida's public school system and across America, if the Florida Parent Empowerment Law 1002.33 (3b) is amended taking away teachers Union veto power over the election result? It would also reduce the amount of large school debt necessary to renovate school over time. Expect Success. รณ

Rowlett Academy expands its reach in Manatee County

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