Thursday, July 28, 2016

Misinformed Parents at KB K8 Center about my effort in 2013

One parent had this assessment of my effort after all the negative posts about the lack of ESOL programs in a highly foreign student body plus overcrowding (158% of capacity) and general dirtiness of the 55 year old facility on barrier island that floods in rain storms search YouTube:  KBK8 flooding.

Some of the most damaging post are post 2013.


  1. I was a PTA President at the time. It was dual purpose agenda tied to building a K-12 at KB K8 center site if MDPS and VKB didn't close the deal to build MAST , I initiated long before any party met at the table. Home prices skyrocketed after MAST was built and KBK8 was poorly renovated to the tune of $5 Million.

  2. Sorry the link I posted failed. Our Effort that failed at the ballot box, did set the legal precedent on behalf of all Florida's parents. Rowlett Elementary and Broward's Wingate Oaks a special needs school that converted to charter by calling the vote.