Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Plato (427 BC) : The Problem in School


"Strange Times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school and the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool." 

PLATO (427 BC)

Dear Parents, 

Since our effort to call the vote at the Key Biscayne K8 Center in February 2013, I have advocated the state legislature in Tallahassee in last (4) four of the Legislative sessions for amendment to Florida Parent Empowerment Law [ State statute 1002.33 (3b) ] to no avail. This request amend a three letter word 'and' to a two letter word 'or' in the present law text is fittingly, so elementary. This change will eliminate Teachers overbearing veto power in a collective labor union vote over the parent vote in separate inter-school ballots to win a YES vote to be guardians of the school's budget. 

Thus far, the Florida Republican Leadership with control of both houses of Congress  and three consecutive Republican Governors, have failed to keep their promises to school choice parents who seek to manage the finances of their individual public school. A Yes vote movement would spread across the state and then state to state nationally.  The Governing School  (GS) would be the norm eventually. This school choice model eliminates the need for school bonds to renovate or expand facilities. It also allow (GS) to receive funding directly from the state Department of Education while seeking to save budget surplus annually. The most egregious neglect to support the Governing School Amendment  are the following:   

 Rep. (R) Carlos Trujillo         105th District

 Rep. (R) Mike Bileca              115th District

 Senator (R) Anitere Flores     District 37

 Senator (R) Kelli Stargel         District 15

All four have acquiesced with Superintendents to maintain the status quo of bankrupt dilapidated school facilities, while Charter Developers only role is to mitigate overcrowding not effectuate better education.  

Without transparent voting guidelines that would empower parents proponents to fire Trigger letters without fear of reprisals from the School District witnessed at Neva King Cooper in Homestead, Florida . The law is more representative of closed society's one party rule than a democracy. DoGoogleit:

  Judge sides with Neva King Cooper Principals over retaliation 

An administrative law judge ruled that the Miami-Dade County School Board should pay $233,000 in attorneys' fees in a case filed by employees who said they faced retaliation for trying to open a charter school. The legal-fees recommendation, which now goes to the state Department of Education, stems from an underlying case in which three school employees alleged they suffered retaliation after seeking to convert Neva King Cooper Educational Center to a charter school. The judge’s recommended order said the Miami-Dade County school system "quickly squelched the conversion efforts and, beginning in late April of 2012, reassigned all three petitioners to undesirable work locations." Last year the judge ruled that the Miami-Dade school system had violated part of state law, a finding that was upheld by the Department of Education. That led to further legal arguments about the amount of attorneys' fees. In addition to $233,000 in fees, the judge recommended the district pay about $17,900 in costs.

These four legislators mentioned above, have intimate knowledge of my efforts after the Neva King Cooper principals reprisals were public knowledge. They were aware of what I was subjecting my daughter to in order to accomplish what Principals Cristobal and Fernandez could not; the legal precedent to convert-to-charter. They as well as Governor Rick Scott, also were also aware my child's hand written testimony of abuse in class by her 5th grade math teacher. My daughter was singled her out for her father's effort as KBCS PTA President to call the vote to convert the school-to-charter. After all, it was first of its kind and scope in Florida history.    

When We The People of Florida succeed at amending Florida Parent Empowerment Law so that it is no longer a Teachers Empowerment law, the key to fixing the public school system is within reach. This can occur one school at a time. The remedy is not in the classroom, it is via the funding lock box in the District's office. Call your state representative and state senator tell them to sponsor the new school model www.governingschool.com  

Expect Success. ó

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