Monday, February 4, 2013

K8 Advisory Board suggested Demolition in 2011

Proponents note: As you can see after reading this entire article from 2011, the only funding alternative to rebuild the K8 Center and eliminate the overcrowding is charter conversion. Plus, the added benefit to reinvest the surplus from the operating budget back into the school every year. 

As such, two years have passed since this article was written, history has showed both Village and County governments had the sufficient amount of money back then and could have given it a higher priority in the Capital Improvement Plan [CIP]. The evidence shows that the majority of register voter without children in the K8 Center  no interest see a  "big school building in the middle of the key." The end result was the exorbitant amount of funding (over $20 Million) for MAST 6-12 expansion at the expense of of the old overcrowded  K8 Center. The only participant in this public comments who kept his word, as a parent and alumni, with his own resources, has been yours truly. You decide . รณ

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